Church-Dailing has hundreds of motorized hoists in both the chain and wire rope configuration.  We have been designing and customized these hoists for over seventy-five years.

We are one of the largest suppliers of manual chain hoists.  Perfect for maintenance onboard ships, platforms, and production facilities, manual hoists can be made up to twenty tons.  Particularly popular are the low headroom hoists.  These flexible hoists combine a low headroom with the flexibility to adjust to curves.

When the situation arises, we provide air driven equipment to successfully complete the job.  In some instances we can even design the equipment to run off of other gases.  Ask us about SPARK RESISTANT OPTIONS.



In industries where there are tough duty cycles, special hoists are required.  Considered as the best hoists on the market, Built-up units are designed with heavy duty components and usually weigh twice as much as conventional trolley hoists. Their open winch and large gear box are recognized throughout the industry.  With a product that can last twice as long as its competition, a great many industries have moved to the built-up unit.

We offer a complete line of winches for your pulling, lifting, and moving needs.  Ask us about Hose Handling, Barge Moving, Screen Lifting, and other applications for the winch. We can provide winches for virtually any environment and condition.



Church-Dailing has hundreds of hoists and carries a large variety of manufacturers including: Acco Wright, Budgit, Coffing, Detroit, Harrington, R&M, Shaw Box, Street, Ace, Chester, DeShazo, Electrolift, JD Neuhaus, Royce, Stahl, and Yale.

Power Types:
  • Manual
  • Air Operated
  • Electric
Lifting Material Types:
  • Chain
  • Wire Rope
  • 1/4 - 250 tons


Special Design:
  • Spark Resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Long Lifts
  • Positive Engagement
  • Track Clamps
  • Explosion-Proof
  • Single
  • Two (2) Speed
  • Variable Speed
Duty Cycles:
  • H-2 (see link)
  • H-3
  • H-4
  • H-5
  • Traditional American Hoist (Mechanical Load Brake
  • Traditional Foreign Hoist (No Load Brake)

Positive Drive Low Headroom Manual Chain Hoist located in a ship's engine room. Built-Up Trolley Hoist with foot-mounted hoist motor, reducer, and brake. Designed for durability and ease of use.
Wire Rope Hoist Winches - Whether for pulling or lifting each application presents its own unique challenge. We understand this so we can provide numerous winch options to fit your application type.

Ask us what parameters to keep in mind while you design your system and find out why engineers have been using Church-Dailing for over seventy five years.

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