Founded in 1927, Church-Dailing Company, Inc. is one of the premiere specialized material handling companies in the world.  Our equipment can be found in Indonesian mines, African Oil Platforms, Asian Shipyards, European Production facilities, and throughout the Gulf of Mexico.  We have ABS approved bridge cranes, torpedo handling systems for the Navy, and we have designed interlocking systems to handle the space shuttle fuel tanks.

Church-Dailing Company, Inc. has a long history of working with engineers to create the most workable system solutions for their customers.  We take time to write long quotations where we constantly ask ourselves questions about the designs.  We direct manufacturers in the proper procedures to ensure proper design.  We ask lots of questions, so you won't have to!  Most importantly we have the experience.

Please take a look at the various products and services which Church-Dailing Company, Inc. can provide to your next project. We don't think you will be disappointed with what you find.

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